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Setting a landscaping budget, a Landscape Designer's perspective...

When I meet with prospective clients, I like to have a clear understanding of their vision, unless they’ve yet to create one. But knowing their budget is paramount!

Why? There are endless options in landscape solutions! A budget actually sets a realistic parameter of how I can best achieve the ideal solution for my clients.

High, medium or low, a budget isn’t personal. In fact, an honest and realistic budget actually enhances the creative and collaborative process, or what I call the ‘fun part’. Truth is, there’s nothing more disheartening than presenting an awesome plan to my client, only to discover that it’s out of their price range.

Don’t underestimate the potential of a modest budget!

Most often, plants come in different sizes. Smaller plants can cost significantly less, and the end result will be the same as the plants mature. When it comes to hardscaping, there are materials and solutions to fit most every budget. What’s more, jobs can often be done in stages over time. But never ever compromise soil preparation as it’s the most essential for the health of your plants.

A few things to consider before engaging a landscaper:

  • Vision - What do you want? Magazines and Pinterest® are great resources for inspiration and setting realistic expectations.

  • Use of space - Will you be entertaining? Should it be kid friendly? (4 and 2-legged)

  • Budget - How much can you and should you spend?

  • Maintenance - How much time and money do you expect to spend maintaining your landscape (tending, watering, etc.)?

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