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Mulch Madness!

Mulching, the final touch!

It's that time of year! The rain is gone, the sun is out, and plants seem to be growing and changing by the hour, if not the minute. Folks are going crazy pruning, weeding, prepping, planting or tending this year’s round of flowers, fruits, herbs or veggies. But before you go inside for that well-earned cold brew, DON’T FORGET TO MULCH!

Mulch is the final touch!​​

We never finish a job without mulching as it protects, maintains, and continues to build and nourish the soil.


Mulch should be a major player in your garden game plan!

  • Makes your garden look neat and tidy

  • Feeds your soil, earthworms and plants

  • Reduces weeds

  • Conserves moisture in the soil

  • Allows water to percolate through the soil to feed our aquifers

  • Encourages better plant growth and development

  • Prevents soil erosion

  • Maintains soil temperatures (lower in summers /warmer in winters)


Mulching Tips:

  • You want the mulch to look like a donut, NOT a turtleneck.

  • Don’t let mulch touch the stems of your plant or the trunk of your trees.

  • Don’t blow the mulch away with a landscaping blower! Leaves are nature’s natural mulch.

  • Stay clear of “colored” mulches, as they are usually made from pallets and other trash woods that may be chemically treated.

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