March 25, 2018

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March 25, 2018

Make mulch major player in your garden game plan

March 14, 2018

Every late winter and early spring, there’s a crime committed against nature. This heinous act is the annual disfiguring of the beautiful and majestic Crape Myrtles. NEWS FLASH! There is no science-based reason to whack the tops of these hardy, flowering trees.  Oddly,...

March 12, 2018

​​I just had the privilege to see and hear author and renowned entomologist Doug Tallamy lecture at the Dallas Organic Biological Conference for Landscape Professionals. ​​His first book Bringing Nature Home, and his latest release, The Living Landscape have changed my...

February 25, 2018

Best Native plants to grow in the D/FW area. Easy to grow, water-wise, adaptive and beautiful!

February 5, 2018

This is a DON'T!

When I arrived at a large office building yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes!  Oh, the horror. It took my breath away when I saw how these trees had been mulched. I could just feel the trees rotting and suffocating. Mulching trees like this...

January 22, 2018

When I meet with prospective clients, I like to have a clear understanding of their vision, unless they’ve yet to create one.  But knowing their budget is paramount!  

Why? There are endless options in landscape solutions! A budget actually sets a realistic paramet...

January 12, 2018

We’ve been in the midst of a cold snap in much of the United States.  As I look at my shrubs and perennials, I see lots of piled-up leaves that have been placed there by the autumn winds.  I made sure not to disturb them before the plunging temperatures.  Nature h...

January 2, 2018

Why you should let your leaves be.

December 23, 2017

I think of mulch as a security blanket for my plants and soil. Why? Mulch is loaded with benefits. Not only does it maintain soil moisture and temperature, it helps control weeds. What’s more, as it breaks down, it adds all kinds of organic goodies that soil craves....

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