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Karen creates environments where aesthetics and nature thrive.  Her vast experience and both interior and landscape design combined with her  passion for native plants and their crucial role in a sustainable  environment, enables Karen to create and implement beautiful landscape  solutions that naturally flourish in north Texas. Karen received a BA from the University  of Cincinnati College of Design, Art and Architecture,  studied interior design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and the Texas Woman’s University master’s program. In 1984, Karen began her successful career as an Interior Designer (ASID member for over 20 years), and went on to launch Design Southwest,  specializing in Residential Design. Karen’s interest gravitated to Landscape Design as she witnessed so many professionally designed gardens and landscapes void of native plants, that demanded high volumes of water and maintenance. Committed to make a change, Karen now combined her passion and expertise, and took her design projects outside.

Karen is a Certified Master Gardener with a Level 3 Native Plant  Certification;  Member of the Native Plant Society; a certified  Landscape Design Consultant by the National Garden Club and a Texas  Certified Landscape Professional (TCLP).

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Gina Woods loves to share about the fascinating and wonderful world of plants. A Dallas native, "Hockadaisy" and graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, her career began as a commercial real estate agent and broker.  But like her mother, she became more and more interested in and involved with her passion of orchids and other plants. In 1987,  Gina moved to a ranch in rural Tamaulipas, Mexico, where she put passion for orchids to work for her, and she became the first commercial, cut-flower Dendrobium orchid producer in Mexico. Over the next 19 years, Gina expanded into several new realms: production of Aechmea  Bromeliads and of various field-grown cut flowers; commercial and residential plant rentals; event planning; as well as a retail store in Tampico – La Orquedia Blanca. Not only was Gina a member and president of The Tampico Garden Club, Mexico’s second oldest garden club, she co-founder and first President of the Tampico Orchid Society.  Gina returned to Dallas in 2010, leaving her orchids behind, but not her passion. She founded Tropical Essence LLC, which specializes in exotic tropical  plants, and co-founded Yardspell LLC, to provide Waterwise personal and commercial and landscaping and gardening services. 

Gina is a Certified Master Gardener; founding member of Garden Masters, Inc.; Vice President of the Greater DFW Bromeliad Society; and Vice President of the Designers With Flair study club.

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