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A case to GO NATIVE!

The Living Landscape by Doug Tallamy

​​I just had the privilege to see and hear author and renowned entomologist Doug Tallamy lecture at the Dallas Organic Biological Conference for Landscape Professionals. ​​His first book Bringing Nature Home, and his latest release, The Living Landscape have changed my entire perspective about native plants and their invaluable role in our ecosystem.

Tallamy’s extensive research on the food web and relationships between native plants and the creatures that depend on them, especially birds, is a key reason that I’m such a an advocate for native plants. I always try to incorporate them into my clients’ landscapes.

FACT: Currently, there are 432 bird species in North America facing extinction.

That’s a frightening statistic! What’s more, Tallamy’s studies determined that only 5% of plants produce 75% of food. And because birds and insects can only thrive in fauna native to their natural habitat, what we choose to plant and grow is a key factor in sustaining nature.


Choose NATIVE plants and trees in our landscapes and encourage our neighbors to do the same. Together, we can create connecting corridors from one yard to another so birds and butterflies can live among us. National parks and preserves can’t do all the work!

Plant an Oak, Cherry, Willow or Pine Tree!

These four genera are the most productive food sources for insects and the birds that eat them.

Buy the book! Click here to buy Tallamy’s lastest book, and discover how we all can play our part in saving our ecosystem!

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