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Mulch - what healthy gardens are wearing.

all mulched and ready to grow

I think of mulch as a security blanket for my plants and soil. Why? Mulch is loaded with benefits. Not only does it maintain soil moisture and temperature, it helps control weeds. What’s more, as it breaks down, it adds all kinds of organic goodies that soil craves.

When to mulch

I always mulch right after I plant. It's like the final touch. After that, it's is all about maintaining a healthy, happy landscape year-round. It's important to mulch in spring when the weather starts warming the soil, and again in fall as plants like a winter mulch coat or sweater for the season.

How to mulch

I like to compare mulching to donning a turtleneck. If it’s the first application, I spread 2-3 inches in the bed leaving a collar around the plant stems or tree trunks so they can breathe. If there’s already mulch from the last season, I just top it off with an inch or so. Lightly rake for an even layer,

Bottom line, mulching is a must for a healthy, happy garden!

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